installing hexabus on an RaspberryPi running Debian wheezy (Raspbian)

initial setup


use raspi-config to:

  • expand root partition to fill card
  • set the amount of ram for the gpu to 16 MB

update the system:

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade

install development tools

apt-get install git cmake g++ libsqlite3-dev (this will pull cmake-data emacsen-common git-man libcurl3-gnutls liberror-perl libxmlrpc-core-c3 rsync)

install Boost

apt-get install libboost1.49-dev libboost-chrono1.49-dev libboost-chrono1.49.0 libboost-date-time1.49-dev libboost-date-time1.49.0 libboost-filesystem1.49-dev libboost-filesystem1.49.0 libboost-system1.49.0 libboost-system1.49-dev libboost-program-options1.49-dev libboost-program-options1.49.0 libboost-serialization1.49.0 libboost-serialization1.49-dev libboost-test1.49-dev libboost-test1.49.0 libboost-thread-dev libboost-thread1.49-dev libboost-thread1.49.0


compiling hexabus on a RaspberryPi is actually possible. During the process you do need a considerable amount of RAM - virtual memory is ok. As our beloved RPi only comes along with 256 / 512 MB and you need to provide enough RAM for the peak of some 1000 MB, you should have 1 GB of swap space available. You can do so by simply inserting a usb memory stick into the RPi, create a swap partition, format and activate it:

cfdisk /dev/<your device name here> #remark: make sure you have the correct one here!
delete the existing partition ( are going to loose all data on the stick in this step...)
create a new partition with at least 1 GB of space
set the partition type to "82"
write the results to the stick and quit cfdisk
mkswap /dev/<your device name here> (e.g.: "mkswap /dev/sda1")

compile and install libklio

cd /usr/local/src
git clone
cd libklio
make release *)
dpkg -i build/libklio-0.2.0-linux.deb
cd ..

make release throws an error at the end because it's unable to find rpmbuild (well...):
CPack: - package: /usr/local/src/libklio/build/libklio-0.2.0-Linux.deb generated.
CPack: Create package using RPM
CPack: Install projects
CPack: - Run preinstall target for: libklio
CPack: - Install project: libklio
CPack: Create package
CMake Error at /usr/share/cmake-2.8/Modules/CPackRPM.cmake:271 (MESSAGE):
  RPM package requires rpmbuild executable

CPack Error: Error while execution CPackRPM.cmake
CPack Error: Cannot find rpmbuild
CPack Error: Problem compressing the directory
CPack Error: Error when generating package: libklio
make[1]: *** [package] Error 1
make: *** [release] Error 2

compile and install libhexabus

git clone
cd hexabus
git checkout development
cd hostsoftware/libhexabus
make release  #remark: took some 20 minutes to complete
dpkg -i build/libhexabus-0.6.0-Linux.deb
cd ..

compile and install Hexabus assembler

cd hba
make release #remark: took some 100 minutes to complete
cd ..

compile and install Hexabus compiler

cd hbc
make release #remark: took some 440 minutes to complete - be patient!
dpkg -i build/
cd ..

compile and install hexinfo

cd hexinfo
make release #remark: took some 380 minutes to complete - almost there!
dpkg -i build/
cd ..

apt-get install libboost-system1.49.0 libboost-program-options1.49.0 libboost-filesystem1.49.0 libboost-thread1.49.0

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