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Agenda for IRC meeting 2011-03-24 9 PM CET

  • 60 members on vz-dev
    • how do you use
    • how many meters/sensors do you have?
  • done:
    • visualisation for: electric power, water consumption, temperature & many more..
    • gotten rid of prototype (is switched off by now!)
    • stable API (AJAX/JSON)
    • a vz-dev member is now member of official e6 repo (hooray!)
plans for v0.2
future plans
    • support additional sensors: split core transducers (easier installation), killAWatt, eHz (SML), currentCost, 1-Wire
    • support additional controllers: fluksoUSB, flukso
  • overhaul frontend:
    • less buttons
    • clearer navigation
    • more „virtual units“ („g CO2“, „light bulbs“, „Apple TVs“, „km cycling“, „sit-ups“, „power plants“, …)
  • distribution channels:
    • tarball
    • .deb, .rpm
    • PEAR
  • implement additional frontends:
    • smartphones: iPhone, Android
    • retain attention of users:
      • monthly reports as mail, fax
      • moodligths (fnordlicht)
    • new visualisation methods ⇒ how can we get more information out of our data?
  • improve middleware/database performance
  • implement triggers: send email/sms/twitter based on thresholds:
    • no pulses for n hours
    • power/temperature exceeds n watts/°C
    • consumption of current day/week/month exceeds the value of the previous interval by n%
electro camp 11.05
  • status
  • plans
  • ideas
  • why we should have all documentation (incl. the list) in english?
  • should we have some kind of a member survey to get more detailed feedback? is a survey worth the effort?
  • soc („donation of men hours“, interests, ideas?)
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