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-This page is supposed to help getting [[|fluksoUSB]] to work.+====== FluksoUSB  ====== 
 +{{ :hardware:controllers:flukso_usb.jpg?200|Flukso USB}}
-There are bits and pieces for most of it floating around the net alas it doesn't seem to work properly yet.+FluksoUSB ist eine kleine Adapterplatine zum Auslesen von S0-Zählern und Stromwandlern, die per USB an einen Rechner angeschlossen wird.
-=== What is fluksoUSB? === +FluskoUSB wurde vom [[|mySmartGrid Team]] entwickelt und ist auch dort **[[|dokumentiert]]**.
-To answer this you should first of all give [[|Flukso]] itself a lookFlukso is an open source web-based community metering applicationIt basically consists of two devices combined into one: +
-  an ATmega based measuring PCB that you can hook up transducers to +
-  an Atheros based OpenWRT system +
-The two of them are linked via UART (for Flukso v1 - it's SPI for Flukso v2 which is going to be available any time soon). +
-fluksoUSB ist the ATmega part of Flukso+
 +Zur Anbindung an die Middleware wird das [[software:controller:vzlogger|vzlogger]] Kommandozeilen Tool benutzt.
-=== Hardware === 
-There is a [[|brilliant description]] on how to get the hardware to work  
-=== Software === 
-  * You can find software for it [[|in comsound's github repo]]. It doesn't give readings below some 1.000 Watts though - still some funny bug in it. 
-  * domke seems to have put together [[|something]], too. 
-=== Issues === 
-  * Using [[|comsound's github repo]] fluksoUSB only gives "0 Watts" below a load of some 1.000 Watts 
-=== Questions === 
-  * What stops us from using [[|the new flukso code]]? 
-  * Why does fluksoUSB only show reasonable values when more than 1.000 Watts are connected? 
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